6 Ways to Apply Classic Blue of the Year to Your Home

12 May 2020

According to Pantone Color Institute, the color of this is year is Classic Blue. Some of you may ask "What or who is Pnatone?" For those, I'll explain right away. All around the world; in fashion, art, textile, home textile, press graphic design, industrial design; in every area where the colors are being used it is a system that enables us to communicate right when designating the colors. Every color in the Pantone Color Catalogue has a specific code. Just like designating the color according to its code before we paint our home's walls. This way, we can describe the exact color to the constructor or the supplier.

And Pantone Color Institute serves as a consultant to the brands by estimating the color trends. This Institute assigned the classic blue as the color of  Classic blue is a color that provides trust and makes us feel to establish a bond and affinity. In fact, the general manager of Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eisemen explained the color of the year in these words: When we look around we know we come across so much discomfort and some days we do not feel safe. Blue, is always the color that represents calmness and trustworthiness. It is a color that can be trusted. Isn't it so true? In this context, I think it is an ideal color by the means of applying to our houses. Trust, peace... Who wouldn't wish for them? Well... How can we apply the color of the year to our house?

1. Since it is a very dominant and dark color, you can paint not all your walls but maybe only one, for example, one of the walls in your lounge in classic blue. You can also make your lounge look more spacious by adding a little depth.

Beside the lounge, in order to relax and free your stress you can paint your bedroom walls in blue.

2. Aside from the walls, you can prefer blue for your kitchen cupboards. This way, you can experience the same feeling in your kitchen. But if you want to keep your kitchen's color lighter you can use blue for only one section. For instance, you can prefer it for lower parts of your kitchen cupboards or kitchen island.

3. Besides the walls and cupboards you can use blue colored kitchenwares, white appliances. It is too classic to use white and grey colored ones. What's trending is to use the colored ones. Well while blue is also trending right now, and has such good effects on our soul, why not prefer it?

4. Of course, you may use it not only for kitchenwares and white appliances but also in your furniture.

You can bring together especially wood and white tones that fit blue perfectly. You can reunite the blue chairs in different models with a wooden table.

Or, you utilize the hidden touches of this color by preferring only the wing chairs in blue from your lounge furniture.

5. Aside from all the things I said the easiest and cheapest way to add color to your house is to use the blue color in your accessories.

In details like paintings, pillows, nicknacks, lamps... and vase, you can use the blue colored ones.

If you like to change the appearance and feel of your house constantly and playing with the latest trends using fashion-friendly colors through decorative accessories is the most practical way.

6. And lastly, we carry our love of blue to outside our house. How about painting the exterior of your house in blue? It won't look absurd because it is a timeless and nature reflecting color. If you have a garden, it will go so smoothly with the greens and flowers.

Alright. You can paint only your door in blue instead of your entire house.

Oh, when I put it that way, Bodrum houses came to my mind. Or Santorini. Its white houses and blue windows... my heart has already fallen. Even only the idea of it makes you warm. Of course, the reason why these colors are used in Bodrum houses is to keep the houses cool by protecting them from sunlight with the white color. And blue is used for windows and doors to keep the scorpions away. Because the scorpions perceive this blue color as a fire.  And they keep away from the entrances of the houses. I'm glad that the scorpions are afraid of this blue color. Because even if we don't know why the visuality of these colors makes us happy. You can take this happiness to your houses if you wish. We know the secret: blue. We talked a lot about blue today.  I hope I give you peace. Don't worry, I'll be back again. Don't forget to subscribe not to miss my videos. Take care of yourself and your house.


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