Black Color Usage Tips in Decoration

29 January 2020

Black and dark tones are usually the last colours come to mind not to overwhelm the areas in our houses. For that, most people prefer lighter tones in their houses. But actually, with the use of dark tones, it is possible to make elegant, modern and spacious houses.

We are in a house which can make an example to these. Dark tones are dominating the house in general. In furnitures, walls and even sometimes the ceiling. But despite that, it is pretty spacious.

Since it is an open plan; living room, kitchen and dining room is combined on a single plan. Contrary to popular opinion, the dark tones used make the place perceived cozier at the first sight.

1. Amount of Natural Light

The most important factor for that is the amount of light coming through windows. Wide windows, high ceiling make the room recieve enough sunlight. The sunlight is spread through the space by the use of white pait in the columns and walls in the nook. White doors and white kitchen counter are also the costars of the spacious look.

2. The Conrast should also be used in the areas where the black color is used.

Contrast is one of the most essential and finest details of the decoration. So, you need to make place for the contrasting details in the room after deciding the colors of the walls. When using the black color in the living room, behind the TV, in the kitchen, on the floor and even for the ceiling providing of the contrast shouldn't be ignored. Use of white and natural wooden materials can create a depth.

3. Black can be used as a background color.

The contrast caused by the black color in the background can be an elegant design element. Although a black wall can be perceived as a spooky idea, the tables on it could be brought to the fore with the help of a good lighting.

4. Lifesaving Details

Since the black is a neutral and cold color, it makes a good background for the warm and light colors. The effect can be strengthen not just by the different colors but also the materails in different textures. The monotonous look can be reduced with the wallpapers on the other walls different colors in the furniture and pillows in different textures, and made a more harmonic living area.

5. Thinking of The Space as Layered

Painting the all walls is not the only way to use dark colors. You can add dimension to the space by using the dark and light colors in layers. For example, you can paint some parts of the walls in white, beige and cream and rest in dark colors. Or you can do the exact opposite and use the dark colors, then use light colors in furniture and remain parts, and help light and make more balanced look.

6. Use of Mirrors

In the spaces where dark colors are used intensely, mirrors can be used to add more depth. The mirror from the black bed headboard going to the ceiling added depth to the room and made it more spacious by diffusing the light.

An end to end mirror on the wall facing the window in the dining room increases the depth perception of the space and diffuse the light the entire room.

7. Use of Black on the Floor

Apart from the bath cabinets, the dark colors help the bathroom meet the elegance of the black with the black floor ceramics. It is possible to create an elegance bathroom decoration with dark colors. You can use these colors in bathroom accessories, sink, even the details such as towels.

You can provide the balance by prefering the light colors in the walls. You can make the room look more spacious with a glass shower cabin.


Natural wooden parquet is used for the floor and left visible as much as possible. This could be changed or a carpet fitting the general decoration can be put over it. But the warmness of the wood reduced the cold feeling caused by the dark colors. Wood fit to the parque is used for the TV unit, coffee table and kitchen wall. In order to break the dullness of the wide grey wall, decorative paint is applied.

The only place out of the black colors and tones is the small bedroom where the dark colors and tones are used. Here, the curtains are dark but natural green. More natural tones are outstanding in this room where the bed headboard is black.


We should think of the space as a whole with all its actors. If white and black are our main colors, the accessories we'll use should be in these colors or tones.

On the white ceiling, white ray spots are used.

The hanging light used in front of the black wall are also black.

Black air conditioner and black tables look in harmony.

The white dance starting with the tables end with the dragon figures on the right.

Today, we were in a pretty house where the black color is used in harmony with other colors.

I tried to provide you decoration tips through this house.

I hope they were useful for you. See you in next video, take care!

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