Comfort Time in Open Spaces

03 June 2020

Summer times are the most beautiful times when we spend joyful times with our beloved ones at dinners and chats in open spaces. The functionality of your spaces such as balconies or gardens steps forward through correct furniture preferences and decorative solutions. We curated some recommendations under the theme of comfort that will colour up open spaces by using different textile products and that will reflect your style. 

Functional Solutions for Sitting Areas

Choosing the furniture to be used in open spaces is as important as choosing the furniture to be used indoors for our homes. Products that are not affected by unfavourable weather conditions, that are easy to clean, and that are durable are among the crucial details that one has to keep in mind for outdoor furniture preferences. 

Designs with different types of easily detachable and attachable modular systems (which you can use with a separate chair or side table) play an important role for smaller spaces. As you wish, you can create a joyful space for yourself with a chair and table duo; or by attaching different furniture you can create a large sitting area where you can host your guests. 

Reading Time

The best times of the balconies are the private times that you allocate for yourself during summer evenings. In order to make these times on your balconies or in your gardens more enjoyable, you can create reading corners that manifest your own style. If you own a smaller space, you can prefer a pouffe instead of a table. Wooden shelves where you can put your books on are an alternative preference. You can create a more elegant reading space by using different bohemian cushions and candles. As in garden furniture, you should go for easy to clean and durable products that are not affected by rain and unfavourable weather conditions as well as easy to dry cushions.

Joy of Swing 

Swings are among the most appropriate pieces of furniture especially to be used in patios and gardens. Swings that give the feeling of warmth and comfort in every environment can conveniently be accompanied by cushions with different colours, small side tables, and baskets. 

Joyous Corners with Rugs and Pillows

In addition to furniture for your open spaces, you can easily create decorative solutions by using rugs and pillows in different forms and with colours that fit the environment. You may go for baskets if your space is small and if you have lots of things. Also, you can give a bohemian touch with bamboo rush mats and shaders. 

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