Creating Office Spaces Indoors and Outdoors

04 September 2020

The Novel COVID-19 pandemic has changed a plethora of habits in our lives and we are trying to get used to our new “distant and limited” lives from our consumer habits to travelling; even to our holiday preferences. This change has also brough about the change in the concept of time and space. Working from home, something we could never think of before the pandemic, has become a normal phenomenon and has become the working model of many people and institutions. Open spaces, gardens, and summer locations have replaced meetings and working in closed spaces.

This new order of “physically together but distant” has also influenced the codes of decoration. Demand for virtual offices has increased, open spaces where people can spend time easily in every season and where they can hold meetings are all the rage. In addition to adapt this new normal order, may be, it is the perfect time to create our new normal as a part of becoming a cogwheel of this change, to purify ourselves both physically and psychologically, and to liberate ourselves in our own domain.

Re-introducing The Open Office Concept

We are in a period when spaces that were designed as open office spaces are under scrutiny for their meanings both conceptually and functionally. Although some colleagues of yours have returned to offices in rotation and with 1.5 metres regulation, some are still working from home and have adopted a home-office style at home for work. Many employees have already started getting used to this new working condition at home and converting these spaces into an office. 

The relationship between flexible working methods and performance has risen significantly when compared to the old normal. We can easily say that everywhere you have a computer and internet connection has become our offices and that we are adapted to this changeability of time easily. Our cliches against working from home was demolished and our red lines have disappeared. Again, we are facing this concept that companies have been trying to make flexible in many years. This changing flexibility has also affected our furniture preferences and therefore furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors has become prominent. Folding tables and chairs as well as polypropylene products are not only suitable for indoor use but also provide an aesthetic use and are easy to clean. You can make these spaces of yours more functional by using swings and sofa sets next to these open offices. 

Creating Office Spaces in Gardens and Balconies

Even though we have reached the end of summer months, spending time in summer spaces and balconies is very enjoyable also in Autumn. Those who have not converted their home spaces into an office space yet and who like to work outdoors can create a motivating working space that will provide inspiration and that features comfort and aesthetic. 

image source

image source

Presenting Comfort and Hygiene 

As for outdoor furniture preferences, products that are functional and easy to clean are getting more attention. 

For outdoor, products that are not affected by unfavourable weather conditions, that possess mesh fabric details, and that can be piled up should be prioritized. Meanwhile, foldable and soft textured products for small spaces can also be the items for a working space. 

Meeting Areas in Gardens

If you have a large garden or open space at home or at work, you can hold meetings of couple of people in these gardens, taking the distance regulations into consideration.

You can enrich these meeting spaces using green plants and design a real open office that provides you freshness and inspiration by using different objects. 

image source

image source

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