Functional Furniture Recommendations For Cafes and Restaurants

10 May 2022

Whether indoor or outdoor, furniture is among the most prominent identifiers of decoration. If the furniture preference is incorrect, other decoration details are prone to lose their importance. Especially in Spring, as we experience these days, shopping for outdoor furniture has gained a significant grow as more people started to use outdoors more actively. 

Let’s have a look at the prerequisites of outdoor furniture that are inevitable parts of hotels, restaurants, and cafes. 

• Lightness, ergonomic design,

• Robustness against unfavourable weather conditions like hot and wind. 

• Aesthetics, elegance, and comfort together

• It should possess a design language that represents hotel, café, and restaurant cult. 

• Easy cleaning and maintenance

• Environmentally friendly material

• Indoor and outdoor use

While ergonomics, functionality, and comfort are all the rage in 2022 outdoor furniture trend as it was in the recent years, durability keeps its importance as well. 

In the selection of outdoor furniture such as sunbeds and lounge suites that are used in hotels, lobbies, resting areas, and open spaces, in addition to being attractive, some other features must also be taken into consideration such as resistance against hot weather, sea water or pool water, external factors such as sand, and being easy to clean. Furniture is usually sold by the initial owners due to external factors like weather conditions. Therefore, preferring plastic products with UV material additives and made from polypropylene for outdoor furniture can help furniture to last longer. These polypropylene plastics do not damage environment since they are 100% recyclable and are easy to sterilize. Opting for dirt-repellent and antibacterial products will increase the usage time but efficient and correct cleaning of the furniture is also of great importance.

Recyclable and environmentally friendly products have been among the topics that are respected by the consumers recent years. Thus, material selection for the outdoor furniture needs an extra care. We are in a period when we are required to be sensitive for our environment. The products made by Siesta from polypropylene have the light, long use, safe, and environmentally friendly features.

Recommendations by Siesta for hotels, restaurants, and cafes:

The outdoor furniture of Siesta that shines out through practicality and functionality gains popularity among customers due to both material and different colour options. 

The chairs and table in the Sky series, Air XL chair, Sky Pro and Maya chairs are appropriate for hotels, restaurants, and cafes. The products that fit the shape of bodies and that can be replaced easily are adored due to heir elegant look, ease of cleaning, and durable structures. 

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