House of the Week: A Unique Bosphorus View House

14 February 2020

If you see a breath taking Bosphorus view when you enter the house and turn your head it is clearly this view what you want to express in the house, isn't it? Right now, we are exactly that kind of house. The view is so wonderful that you feel like you are above it when you look through the window. It is something that the peace and calmness which an house with view gives you. But I am sure that an house with the Boshporus view is something else. The Bosphorus which welcomes us from the lounge where the beige tones are dominant when entering the house and floor-to-ceiling window which enables enjoying the view fully.

Beige tones have the kind of warmness which imitate the sun light even in the cloudy days. They make the furniture, view and people in the space stand out without straining the eyes. Off-white, beige and its tones can be savior in any case. And they have a minimalist design which doesn't strain the eyes.

The marble plate which is used to remove the monotonous look comeing from the light color use made the tv section stand out without the need for tv unit. With the use of a stone that has again beige tones the peace the light color tones give continue without any interruption. Next to the marble behind the TV there is a custom made floor-to-ceiling mirror. This mirror reflects the view and natural light to the lounge in a very useful way. When you sit on the corner couch in the lounge, you can both sit and watch the TV and enjoy the Bosphorus view. If the white color is used for the walls, furniture and floor in a room it makes the room look a lot more spacious than it really is.

And the dinner table placed in front of the floor-to-ceiling window created a place where you can enjoy yourself both day and night. The modern and innovative design of the dining group fits to the general designing style of the house.

Beside the materials mostly used, the custom made steel shelves placed between two coloumns add a modern vibe to the lounge. When the spot lights placed in the ceiling are turned on the light reflected from the metal looks pretty. It's not only a space for shelves but also a special panel where a study desk is present. This custom made corner which was created with the help of different gaps and paknesses made a good decor and a corner which fulfils the need of storage. You can use the idel corners and gaps between the coloumns as a seperator and storage spaces.

You can use the white color that gives peace and energy to make the confined spaces look more spacious. The light color tones are usually associated with cleannes. That's why they are used in the bathrooms and kitchens often. When cooking on the counter at the end of the narrow, long kitchen you can feed your soul gazing at the view every now and then. What wee need most in the kitchen is storage places. With the drawers and shelves used profusely, the storage problem is solved and they made the kitchen look neater for they don't cause a crowd on the counter.

Use of mirror in the confined spaces

In the entrance, we see two doors on the floor-to-ceiling mirror. One of these doors open up to a laundry room, and the other to guest bathroom. Hiding the bathroom door with a mirror is a good example of little solutions in the confined spaces.

In the bedroom, two floor-toceiling mirrors are used. This way, the Bosphorus view is available even when in bed. In the morning, the view you see in balcony may attach you to the house a little more.

The outdoor furniture in the balcony stands out with its practical folding solution. The white color is prefered fitting to the general color style of the house.


1. Let the sunlight comes in the house. The sun light does a great job for our mood and health. So let the sunlight come through more. 

2. Use the wall behind the TV different than the colors, materials and textures used in the house. This way, you add a different color to the space and thanks to the background in different color and texture you create a TV unit without using any other material.

3. Plan and think through about where to use your electronic devices and thus the plug sockets before re-creating your kitchen. This way, you can get rid of the cable crowd on your counter.


Even if you have a beautiful Bosphorus view, you may still need curtains. When the sun light comes in too much it can be both tiring and overheating. Don't keep the things you don't use throughout the day on the kitchen counter. You expand your working area and it gives a plainer look.

Today, we were in a house with a Bosphorus view. It was a good house that's been decorated well.

I hope you like it too.

See you in next video, take care!

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