Open Kitchen and Open Bathroom Design Ideas

21 February 2020

When we see the American bars and American kitchens in rich houses in the old movies these spaces which may feel very different from culture are now pretty visible in many project as the concept of "open kitchen". And we are guests in such a house today.

As we part from the guest room culture we looked for the ways to draw the kitchens inside the living spaces. And open kitchen spaces have been merged with the living rooms. There are some formulas emerging from the requests and needs in the open kitchen plan schemas. If you consider these kinds of subjects when planning this type of kitchens you can have a cosy and functional kitchen.

In some, the washing area can be used as an island in the middle.

And in others, the island in the middle can be used as a cooking area.

If you prefer using island, you can have much more space in the kitchen. You can be involved in the space when cooking or washing dishes instead of facing walls.

Long counters are always more useful in the kitchen.

As the fridge, sink and furnace are placed in respectively the places in between are very useful for the preparation process. The arrangement can be started from the closest point to the door. It goes like fridge in the first, and then 60 cm free space; kitchen sink in the second, 60 cm free space; and furnace in the third. There is a logic to that.

When you enter the house with your hand full of bags, you put the bags in the fridge before anything. When you cook, you take out the ingredients from the fridge and put on the counter. And then you take them to wash. After washing done, you cook them. The places under and above the counter will be enough for storage. But if you love kitchen utensils too much, of course you will need more storage area. And one way to do that is placing a built-in cupboard. This way you don't minimize kitchen space and increase the storage area. In this open kitchen house, high bar table and chairs placed between lounge and kitchen enable you both to be in the kitchen and enjoy the company in the lounge when cooking.

It is possible to create elegant houses without using too much colors. We are in a house which makes a great example of that. The black, white and grey colors are dominant in the house. And to add some excitement, the red color is used. White is a color that never gets old. This way, after a couple of years, ypur kitchen wouldn't seem old. It won't make you feel like changing it. But if you want to add some color red fridge, red boiler, red dishwasher and red bar chairs will do the job since they are pretty strong and refreshing.

It is easier to change the objects when you use different colors. For example, when you change your red fridge with another color, your kitchen will be refreshed. When designing your house, I would recommend you choose the neutral colors for expensive products that are not easy to change. But I also support you to choose the materials you like.

I mean, even if others tell you to avoid red backsplash mosaic I would tell you to use it if you plan to stay in that house for a while. But use this red mosaic by selecting supporting neutral colors and materials which don't compete with it.

One of the most beautiful parts of this triplex flat on top of the four floored building is the terrace. It will make you feel like all İstanbul is at your feet. Of course on a sunny, dry and delightful day.

In the houses where the white, black and grey color is dominant in general you can create a more natural area by using curtains that are calm and fit to the general colors of the spaces. Off-white curtains in front of the white floor-to-ceiling window break the sunlight even on the sunniest days but since it's not a dark color, fresh light is present even when all the curtains are closed. The white lightings hanging from the high ceiling add a soft light without bothering the eyes in the evening.

The circles used in the ceiling design add some movement to the monotonous vibe of the lounge.

The open bathroom is not a style that everybody can use or dare to use. But you can use the bathroom in your own rooms this way. You can separate the toilet and bedroom with the help of only a separator. In the en-suite bathrooms which is made from glass walls or separated from the bedroom by a glass screen it is possible to break the ordinary look by using a similar technique. Or a separator can be used to divide.

The metal circles used here are used both as a separator and storage.

Storage and Use of Spaces

The space under the stairs in the house can hard to use when it is in the open. But you can turn it to a small but useful storage area by covering it with the help of doors such in here. If it is close to the kitchen, you can use it as a cellar. Or it can make a great place to put a washing or drying machine in your house.

See you in the next video. Take care!

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