Say Hello to Summer! Recommendations from Siesta for colourful and joyful balconies…

01 June 2023

Spring is finally here, and our balconies started to enliven. Balconies, one of the most used sections of our homes in spring and summer season, are spaces where family members gather for joyful food and friends have long lasting chats. They are also places for resting as well as entertainment. Therefore, our balconies that contribute to the happiness of our homes keep on preserving their positions as prioritized spaces with serenity. 

The first coming to mind in outdoor furniture, Siesta presents plethora of recommendations for colourful and joyful balconies. By going through these recommendations, you can create your own personal space and enjoy your balconies to your heart’s content through the mostly preferred balcony styles of 2023.

Large seating sets preferred for comfortable and large balconies can be ideal for those who would like to create a comfortable style. Similarly, compact and useful furniture and seating sets will be a good choice for enriching the living space. By using minimal tables and chairs in small balconies, a more romantic atmosphere can be added to the environment. Rough iron details ideal for minimal balconies can create a warm atmosphere.

Sky Pro Chair and Sky Table from Siesta add a dynamic aura to your balcony with the rich colour options. Paris chairs, one of the most beloved and preferred models of Siesta’s Contact 2023 collection, emerge as an ideal product for those who would like to create a warm environment. Paris Chairs, with a colour palette from darker shades to lighter ones, add a different style to your balconies.

Small Touches Huge Changes…

Plants are inevitable accessories of balconies because of their tranquilizing and soothing features. In addition to this, hanging flowerpots, handmade ornaments from shells, colourful wall ornaments, hanging wooden products, and small statues for balconies can change the aura of your balcony. While various flagstone walls, coloured wallpapers can help create a masterpiece balcony, a small greenhouse that you can have at a corner of your balcony can also get your daily stress off you. 

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