Summer Trends from Siesta for Outdoor Furniture

08 August 2022

While 2022 summer season goes on with all the energy and warmth it has, the experts warn us of hotter days coming. Irrespective of boiling weather, those who would like to lead pleasure are having a nice time callously thanks to the correct outdoor furniture selection. 

Among the first things that catch our eyes in 2022 outdoor furniture summer trends are features like function, durability, design, comfort, and easy cleaning. 

We are in a summer when bold color preferences are all the rage in many fields. From warm oranges to cooling turquoises and from joyful pinks to energizing green, various colors are preferred for outdoor and garden furniture. 

On one hand natural looking and light colors are frequently preferred, on the other hand, we can see that ergonomic products signifying the body health are on the agenda. 

Minimalism, gaining a massive space in our lives especially after pandemic, is effective on furniture preferences and trends. Folding tables are good catches for those who opt for fewer pieces of furniture in smaller areas. Jigsaw furniture for seating areas contribute to the freshness of the environment and create a tranquilizing effect.



Most Preferred Outdoor Furniture of 2022

When we have a look at the most preferred outdoor furniture of 2022, we can see that sunbeds and patio seating groups are among the first in the lists. Sunbeds are not only for beaches and pool sides, but they are preferred for gardens. Especially after the global pandemic, we create a new world not only in our homes but also outdoors. Folding tables and chairs are among the consumer preferences who opt for caravan and tiny house trends of recent years. With the concept of return to nature, nature friendly and durable products are preferred, and colors and textures have effects of nature. 

Through various and comfortable products, Siesta Exclusive helps you meet inevitable pieces of open areas where you can create joyful corners for summer season. 

Slim and Pacific sunlounger series that helps you bring the joy of sunbathing into your gardens attract attention thanks to comfortable, chic, and ergonomic designs. Easy to pile sunloungers are also easy to clean. Pacific and Slim sunloungers that you can carry as you like thanks to the wheels can both be used in gardens and in pool sides. 

Siesta Exclusive presents Pacific Lounge sets that you can use in gardens and in pools to the epicures. The Pacific Lounge sets that will help you enjoy every moment of chats during summer nights are only available in Siesta!

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