Sunlounger Recommendations for Outdoor Environments Such As Hotels and Gardens

03 June 2022

With the arrival of summer months, beaches, seas, and pools have become the places that we spend most of our times. In these places that we prefer to sunbathe, to chat with our beloved ones, and to read out books with the accompany of a cold drink, sunlounger choice plays a significant role. 

Sunloungers, among the most significant players of the summer season, become the most popular outdoor furniture in order to spice up beaches and pools, and especially houses with large gardens and patios, by adding an atmosphere of elegance, aesthetic, and well-decoration. 

Starting from comfort to durability against sunlight and unfavourable weather conditions, there are numerous features that you must keep in your mind in choosing the best sunlounger. While portability and easy to be cleaned are among the features that needs to be taken into consideration, sunloungers must be appropriate for both wet and dry use. Specifically, the fact that the sunloungers which are always in contact with water are easy to dry is of great importance for having a longer lifespan and being used for longer periods. On one hand, compact sunloungers make it possible to locate more products within smaller areas even for public spaces like hotels, beaches, and pool sides, on the other hand, the ability to be piled and be portable are among the features that should not be ignored. 

Siesta Touch to the Messengers of Summer

Siesta presents you the most favourable sunloungers with Slim and Pacific Sunlounger line so that you can enjoy the sun in summer. 

Slim and Pacific Sunlounger types that carries the joy of sunbathing to everywhere attract attention thanks to their comfort, elegance, and ergonomic designs. Not only are they easy to pile but also, they are easy to clean. The Pacific and Slim Sunloungers can be used in gardens and pool sides effectively thanks to their wheels, therefore they are among the products chain hotels frequently prefer. 

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