Sustainability Approaches From Siesta...

22 November 2022

Sustainability… A term everybody feels its existence literally in every aspect of our lives. The term sustainability that has become an indispensable part of our lives especially after the pandemics also shows its influence on indoor and outdoor furniture. There are numerous certificates and steps to take as far as the term is concerned. If so, what do we really understand when we hear the term “sustainable furniture”, and what should we get from it? Let’s discuss this topic in detail…

What is sustainable furniture?

We are in an era when manufacturers and consumers alike are more committed to fields like sustainability and recycling and present more responsibility on these fields. Thanks to the effect of the pandemics, climate crisis has attracted more attention. On the other hand, ecology and sustainable life as well as material preferences of consumers have affected significantly. Consumers are more aware on topics like recycling and sustainability, and they make more research on this topic to keep a track of updates in the field. Within this scope, people prefer to use products that are possible to recycle and that are not damaging the environment. There is this new trend to use long life and natural products.

In fact, sustainable furniture is an environment friendly manufacturing method in which manufacturers take into consideration the sustainability principles both in design and production phases. Among the basic principles of sustainable furniture design are issues like whether the in-house materials are used to effectively, whether redundant materials were avoided, whether ecological effects of the materials were calculated, and whether recycling is in the center of the whole process.

These days, when we are getting ready to wave 2022, and in the upcoming days, for our decoration preferences, we will see the reflections of returning to nature through sustainable designs. Organic and natural materials like wood, marble, cotton, and linen are used extensively in sustainable furniture and these features contribute to the popularity of the furniture. The furniture, during the manufacturing process of which natural and organic materials were used, helps create a serene atmosphere both in indoors and outdoors.

What do we – as Siesta – do on this issue?

We, as a brand that support recycling which constitutes a significant place in the sector, care about nature and try to develop sustainable designs with great care but not to sacrifice quality during the manufacturing process. In order to achieve this, we introduce our customers with our products that provide a versatile use and that can adapt to various body types through the most natural and organic forms.

Under today’s conditions, we have to think sustainable and focus on recycling. As Siesta, we have always worked with young artists and designers, old furniture is put on display at our museum section of our factory after they are converted into works of art. Reusable materials that are used in furniture design such as plastic, metal, glass, paper, carton, wood, textile, and various composite materials are possible to recycle. The polypropylene or polycarbonate raw materials we use as Siesta are 100% recyclable and does not damage the nature. In a close future, we are planning to introduce our customers with our new chairs with 100% recycled production methods.

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