The History of Inevitable Part of Our Lives: Chairs

11 August 2023

Have you ever wondered when and how the first chair was found in the first place? Chairs, among the other flagship products of Siesta Furniture, has a long history dating back to thousands years ago. Then… who came up with this idea of making a chair? Have you ever thought about it and asked yourself this question? No worries because Siesta asked this on behalf of you ☺ Although the answer of this does not rely on clear sources, it has a chronological order.

Providing that we define chair as an object that functions as a place to sit on, we can see that the invention of chair originates from Neolithic period. Yet, long time after such primitive inventions, there are civilizations that used chairs with three or four legs.

During 3000 B.C. in Egypt, a backpost was added to objects in the form of banks or desks and the concept of contemporary chair was created at this time. Later, arms constituted the next step of this evolution. The chairs made in this period were used as thrones or as indicators of rank. In the history of chair, China seems to have had a considerable contribution to the evolution of chair. In fact, chair was introduced to China through Central Asia during the 7th century. The first type that arrived in the form of a camp chair initially was developed by the Chinese carpenters. 

In the preceding period, a carpenter named Guiseppe Gaetano Descalzi emerged during the Renaissance period and the chair he recreated by resdeisgning an imperial chair became the first mass produced one in history. In 1867, Thomas Moore was granted the patent of a chair. Later on, especially following the technological developments in the 20th century, the use of chair has still been going on with profound changes in the material and design.

This thousands of years history inspires Siesta

Siesta Furniture brings together customers as well as various chair models with ergonomic design, comfort and types. Siesta, having a respectable reputation in foreign markets, has over 500 stores around the world. 

Affected by the thousands of years history of chairs, Siesta prioritizes the requests and expectations of its customers through different models and designs in its portfolio and keeps developing under the dense R&D studies. 


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