The Most Vivid Decoration Shoot of 2022 Summer is from Siesta and ALLDecor…

07 July 2022

Albeit rather late, the Summer Season everyone was longing for enthusiastically during winter has finally arrived. Siesta Exclusive, the first brand to be known for outdoor furniture, has become a project for summer issue of ALLDecor magazine through a vivid and joyful photoshoot to celebrate the arrival of the summer season. In the new issue of ALLDecor – full of high summer energy – colorful and high-quality Siesta products are presented in a fictionalized special shoot. This shoot where you will discover all the colors of summer has the feature of being the most colorful photoshoot of 2022 summer.

Summer Starts with Siesta and ALLDecor! Oranges, pinks, reds, blues, greens,...

ALLDecor addresses the first question: With which Siesta are you going to start the summer? 

@siestafurniture that attract attention thanks to both high-quality and bold colored collection in outdoor furniture field presents products for indoor and outdoor use from tables to chairs, to sunbeds and side tables. It does not really matter where you use them, be it garden, balcony, terrace, or poolside, Siesta Exclusive fills up the section with colorful and unique products.

While Siesta will make you feel the heat of summer through the shades of orange, it will also invite you to the moments when you feel yourself in the Amazon Forest thanks to deep green shades. Thanks to rainbow like colorful, modern, and dynamic designs, timeless Siesta products attract attentions of customers due to their resilient structure and colors that resist even hot weather conditions. Easy to clean and ergonomically designed products provides you with ease of use so that you can enjoy summer the most.

Among the featuring and most preferred products of Siesta in the photoshoot are Victor and Fox Bar Stools, chairs in Pacific and Sky collections, side or coffee tables, folding tables, Dream folding chairs, Baby Elizabeth transparent chair, Tiffany light blue chair, Air XL chair, Ocean, Air and Queen coffee tables. 

Siesta is again decided to be your inevitable choice this summer for outdoors thanks to unprecedented products from poolside essentials like sunbeds to corner sets that will accompany your joyful chats with your beloved ones. 

Do not forget to share your photo with Siesta designs that will eyewitness your joyful moments in summer using #SiestaZamanı and to purchase the summer issue of ALL Decor to read more about the colorful cover shoot for Siesta!

With rich content, All Decor is available for three months on the shelves as well as on all digital magazine platforms!

Styling @gokceyimben

Video @emreonemciphotography

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