Using Brick Walls in Your Home

05 March 2020

Bricks are one of the oldest building materials of modern life. It is prefered for centuries because of its small, modular, easily produced, enduring and easily cared properties. The brick which keeps its existence till date despite the improved construction techniques can be used to add classical vibe to our modern life today.

With the help of the right design knowledge, the brick can add a perfect and unique touch to any room. It can fit in the modern, traditional, eclectic or contemporary places equally. In order to add a different ambiance to your house or office we can take a little inspiration from the house we're currently in. The walls which stand out when we enter the house actually take the role of surface coating. The phrase "between four walls" comes from this. You can use the form of bricks that fits into your house style. If you are going to apply brick wall, note the red, ash grey, white and black color of the brick structure.

If you want to add a dynamic vibe to the complexion of your house you can choose dark colors like grey or black. Especially for the living room, this method is a pretty ideal decoration method.

The wooden table that is being used both for dining and studying is in great harmony with the brick wall. The metal, black bookshelf having its own color placed in front of the brick wall completes its function without straining the eyes. Hanging from the ceiling over the table, the two oval-shaped lamps are in perfect harmony with the completion of the space.

The pink color used in the bedroom presents an eye-catching image when appearing between the brick walls. The white furniture makes this pink color in the bedhead center of the room by adding spaciousness to the room.

The kitchen which is as bright as an open kitchen owes this spacious look to the glass used instead of walls. While the use of iron frame surrounding the glass adds completion to the house, it provides a nice and different style. The brick tissue used in the house, are balanced with the help of the lacquer furniture and the light in the space is enhanced. White wooden blinds in for the kitchen window used instead of curtains look harmonized with the kitchen furniture.

If you wish, you can use the bricks also in the kitchen. They will be easy to use because they are pretty endurant. They can warm up the kitchen or make it look like an outdoor space. The old suitcases in front of the brick column in the entrance are both harmonized with the brick wall and useful functionally.

Marmara marble used in the bathroom is known for its endurance. Marmara Island was the home for the oldest marble quarries in the world, and because of this quality of its, it is the origin of the word "marble" in many languages. Endurant to rain, sun, hot and cold, the marmara marble is used in outdoor places because of its this quality.

If you have a small house but overnight guess or little children, bunk beds can be a lifesaver.

An Italian word and an architectural term "pavilion" means "bow window" or "old school bow window". Especially in the old houses, it is a known look with its bulged structure towards the outside from the window line. While this way, the private spaces of the houses recesses to the public streets they are also separated sharply. While these pavilion houses are thought to be now in the past especially in the touristic areas, there are many pavilion houses which are usable, renovated and maintained.

This house is a good example of pavilion houses. It will be very pleasant to have a coffee in the pavilion and watch the outside.

Do it. Cleaning of the brick walls.

If you are a very hygienic person, the bricks you use should be enameled bricks. Especially if you are going to use it in the kitchen, it will be important that they don't keep the oil and food stain.

Don't. Brick wall change.

If you like to change your house, your walls frequently do not use real brick walls. Instead, you can prefer easily applied brick looking panels. This way, it will be a lot easier when you want to change them.

And that's it for this week. If you are thinking about using brick walls in your house I hope this video was helpful. I think you should use it.

See you in next video. Take care!

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