A New Collection from Siesta Brings Comfort and Aesthetics Together

24 March 2020

Pioneering as Turkey's industry leader in the production of the first plastic garden furniture, Siesta brings together design and comfort with the new collection it has launched specially for 2020.

Designing products for interiors, hotels and restaurants, as well as outdoors, Siesta stands out with its Marie, Cross, Victor and Marcel collection it produced by being inspired by old wooden chairs, thanks to their warm colours and stylish designs for both indoor and outdoor spaces produced from past to present.

Offering its products to consumers in 500 sales points in more than 100 countries, Siesta carries out its production by focusing on the demands of its consumers with the mission it holds for developing quality and durable products. Designing products suitable for every place, Siesta stands out with its stackable structure and their resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Setting trends thanks to its unique designs, Siesta also collaborates with famous designers. The products designed by Belgian designer Frederic Boonen for Dream folding chair will be an indispensable article for wedding and invitation organizations thanks to its solid structure.

Offering solutions for the needs and expectations of its customers, Siesta continues to develop functional solutions that make life easier with its special designs in different living spaces thanks to its production technique, material quality and highly useful designs. Being included in the branding program of Turquality as of 2019, Siesta continues its activities as the global sponsor of Euroleague Basketball.

Note to the Editor:
About Siesta
Established under the title of lşılplast Plastik Sanayii ve Ticaret A.S. company brand in 1978, which started Turkey's first plastic furniture production in 1987, today Siesta continues its operations on a 50,000 m2 area based in Büyükçekmece. Also reaching as far as the American and Australian continents, particularly EU countries, Siesta exports 70% of the products it manufacture. Siesta delivers its products to its consumers through sales points and its factory located in different regions in Turkey.

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