Euroleague Basketball, Siesta renew official partnership

01 October 2020

After a successful first two years together, Euroleague Basketball and Siesta have agreed to extend their relationship into the new 2020-21 season, assuring that this market leader in the business-to-business furniture sector continues as an Official Partner of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four.

Siesta, which exports 80% of its product, has global impact in outdoor furniture in the same way that the EuroLeague inspires devotion in fans all over the world. The first two seasons of the partnership, during which Siesta's products became available in an additional 25 countries, resulted in the kind of top-level exposure and visibility that made the contract renewal a slam dunk for both parties.

Through its own, first-hand experience, Siesta saw how Euroleague Basketball's global partnership platform offers companies with business in many countries the perfect toolkit to strengthen brand awareness and engage with customers.

"To have Siesta continue growing alongside us in the current economic climate speaks volumes about our commitment to each other," Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO, said. "Siesta's vast international sales and its business-to-business focus prove that the positive values and performance excellence that the EuroLeague embodies are clear selling points to clients and customers everywhere."

As part of the ongoing agreement, Siesta uses EuroLeague stars in digital campaigns to highlight the great design and innovation of its outdoor furniture products. Identifying its products with the quality of the EuroLeague game is a perfect match for two organizations who hold the needs of their global fans and customers firmly in mind at all times.

"As always, we are pleased and happy to be a part of Euroleague Basketball in the 2020-21 season, as we have been for the previous two," Tuncay Işildar, President of Siesta, said. "Siesta is active in more than 100 countries with 500 stores. Although all of us have gone through hard days this year because of COVID-19, we are happy and excited with the new basketball season. Siesta is supporting all teams, taking part in the Game of the Week, Playoffs, Final Four and all the global communication platforms. We can't wait to enjoy a great EuroLeague season together."

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